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Installation Preparation Guidelines

Take a look at our helpful guide for the preparation guidelines on a project that needs installation service to ensure there are no delays in processing your order

Here at RYNO Print & Design, we do our very best to ensure the proper and cost-effective installation of your project. We have provided some helpful information below on making sure you are prepared on the day of installation service.

Vehicles Decal Installation

Please make sure, this information is passed on to the right person who will be dropping the vehicle at our shop Or preparing for on-site installation.

Failure to meet them may result in additional charges above and beyond the original quote.

  1. Booking an appropriate date &  time:  When booking a time for install please pick a day and time where we can have access to the vehicle for as long as possible (Recommended 2-4 hours). Communicate any deadlines so we can book the most optimal time to do the installation.
  2. Provide a clean vehicle: It’s a best practice to take the vehicle to a car wash the night before installation. This allows any water that finds its way in between body panels during the wash to dry overnight.
    1. Do not use any waxes/polishing agents/finishing chemicals on the vehicle after rinsing off the soap.
    2. Wipe down with a clean cloth and dry the vehicle.
    3. Important: Vehicles that require extensive cleaning prior to installation are subject to additional labour time @80/hour (15min Increments)
  3. Hardware Removal: Certain projects may require the removal of vehicle hardware and/or fixtures. In instances where we are not familiar with the removal method or there is a chance of damage to the vehicle during removal, we may request that the customer remove these components or have them removed by a professional mechanic before decal installation.
  4. Climate & Weather Considerations: The Ideal temperature range for decal installation is above 10°c and in a dry, non-windy environment. Installations that are required outside of these parameters may result in longer installation times and undesirable results.
  5. One-site installation: Provide a clean work environment. Dirt, grease and other substances can impact the ability to do the institution properly and safely.  Make sure the installation area is cleaned and prepared before our staff arrive on-site for installation.

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