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Blueprint Printing & Scanning Services

Wide-format printing and scanning for your drawings

Looking for a quick turnaround time for blueprint printing & blueprint scanning services for your architecture plans, engineering plans & construction plans/drawings, visit our shop on 12st Northeast Calgary! Call us! or email us your drawings with the details and we will notify you when it’s ready for pickup.

We offer wide format printing & scanning services for contractors, architects, builders and engineers to keep you stress-free in managing your projects.

No minimum quantity is required to order your drawings.
Same-day blueprints printing service.
A wide variety of blueprint printing sizes.

Engineering Blueprint Printing Service

Lowest Price on Blueprint Printing

Email us your files and the drawings will be ready within an hour. (Larger quantity & color printing may need a little extra time to print)

Price per sheet for printing on 20lb bond paper, Up to 20% ink coverage.
A service fee of a minimum of $5 for any order less than $25

Price on Blueprint Scanning

We provide scanning services in addition to printing services. Our scanning services can help you whether you need a digital replica of an old blueprint or a way to share your documents with clients and coworkers. We can scan, Please see our blueprint Scanning rate below for scanning at @300dpi.

Note: Price per sheet & scanning order has a base charge of $5
Drawings that are torn/damaged and need taping/repair in order to scan will be an additional $2/page
Old rolled drawings which are hard to feed into a scanner will be an additional $1/page

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plan can you print?

  • Building Plan Printing
  • Architectural Print
  • Engineering Plan Printing
  • Electrical Wiring Plan
  • Mechanical Plan Printing
  • House Plan Printing
  • Construction Plan Printing
  • Fire Escape Floor Plan printing
  • Floor Plan Printing
  • Stage & Lighting Plan Printing
  • Plan, Sections, Elevations
  • Sewing Patterns

Which blueprint sizes you can print?

We can print almost any standard blueprint size, including ARCH E (36″ x 48″), ARCH D (24″ x 36″), ARCH C (18″ x 24″) and half-sized (11″ x 17″). We also print custom sizes upon request. The max width we can print is 36″ wide. 

What paper do you offer for blueprint printing?

Currently, we only offer printing on 20# bond paper. Bond paper is best for everyday printing and is suitable for most applications.

Which file format you need to print blueprints?

We can print blueprints & drawings from a variety of file formats, including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG.  However, We prefer you submit your print files in PDF.

How long does it take to print blueprint drawings?

The time it takes to print drawings will depend very much on the number of pages and the size of the blueprint.  In general, most blueprint printing jobs can be completed within one to two hours.

However, for larger orders, it may take longer. We recommend clients contact us to discuss the project.

Can you scan old blueprint drawing?

Yes, We can scan the old blueprint documents. There are additional charges to scan old, Damaged and roll blueprint documents. See the pricing section above on this page.

What file format you can save the scanned blueprint?

We can save the scanned files in PDF, TIFF Or JPG at Standard 300 DPI

Blueprint Printing Services

Print Big

We can print maximum paper size: ARCH E (36 x 48 inches) as well as ARCH D (24″ x 36″), ARCH C (18″ x 24″) or any custom size.

Color Or Black/White

We can print full color drawing or monochrome (Black & White) based on your needs.

Resize your plans

We can reduce your plans to fit any size you required, and if you have vector pdf we can enlarge it as well.

Mount Or Laminate your work

We can mount or laminate your construction drawings for presentation purposes.

Blueprint Scanning

We can scan your technical drawings, plans or blueprints in high resolution and provide you with the files.

Same-day Service

We try our best to provide same day service to our client for no additional cost

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